The Community Foundation has more than 100 scholarships available for high school seniors, current college students, and medical students. Last year, the Community Foundation awarded new and renewable scholarships to 321 Newaygo County students, totaling more than $692,000. And now that the holidays are over, a new scholarship deadline season is just around the corner!

We put together a few tips for students who are working on completing their applications before the March 1 deadline. As always, please feel free to contact us any time with questions about the scholarship process.

  • Don’t wait until February 29 to get started! We know you get a whole extra Leap Day this year, but you’ll want to start on the application well before then. Give yourself plenty of time to gather the information you’ll need, ask questions, and complete a quality application.
  • Read all questions carefully. For questions with answer options to select, read through all the options carefully and then choose the one that best describes your situation or plans.
  • Scholarships can be used for trade schools and apprenticeship programs. In fact, we have several scholarships just for students pursuing those paths.
  • Check your essay for appropriate spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Think of it more like an essay you’re writing for English class and not a text message to a friend (e.g., Don’t use acronyms like “IDK” in your essay). And it never hurts to ask someone to proofread it for you!
  • The application will ask for your email address—be sure to use a personal email, not your school email. We may need to contact you after you graduate and no longer have access to the school email account.

Scholarship applications for high school seniors, current college students, and medical school students are completed online and due March 1. The application for Newaygo County adult students is open year-round; for more information on adult student scholarships, click HERE.