Create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

There are many ways to make a significant impact on the future of Newaygo County with the Community Foundation.

  • Charitable bequest – Naming Fremont Area Community Foundation in your will or codicil is the simplest way to contribute to the future of your community. Notify us if you have included the Community Foundation in your estate plan and you will also be inducted into the Slautterback Legacy Society.
  • Charitable gift annuity – In a charitable gift annuity, you give cash or securities to the Community Foundation. We then pay either you or yourself and a spouse a fixed income for life. This giving strategy may also provide tax deductions.
  • Charitable trust or retained life estate – A gift of a charitable trust or retained life estate can benefit you during your lifetime and accomplish your charitable goals in the future.
  • IRA, retirement plans, and life insurance – Name the Community Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. When you leave retirement plan assets to the Community Foundation, 100 percent of your gift will be available to support your charitable passions.