Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Newaygo County

As detailed in our theory of change, our role in the community has four parts.

To catalyze
Work with local partners and leaders to spur action around our decade goals

To fund
Provide grant awards to programs and organizations that most effectively impact our community

To monitor
Ensure that we are making progress towards our shared goals

To evaluate
Use data to show forward movement and success

Sometimes the Community Foundation serves as a leader, other times as a participant at the table.

Our Strategic Framework

Our strategic direction is guided by a framework for 2017-2021. To move forward in our mission, we seek to:

Grow our philanthropic engagement

  • Enhance our culture of philanthropy
  • Build upon collaborative leadership

Focus on what matters

  • Optimize internal operations
  • Evaluate impact
  • Share our story

Take our decade goals to the next level

  • Pursue college and career readiness
  • Reduce poverty
  • Fuel economic growth through a qualified workforce
  • Support complementary initiatives