Our mission is to enhance quality of life.

We began 2023 with an updated strategic plan to guide our continuing work in the community. This included renewing our mission, vision, and values, as well as refreshing our goals.


To enhance the quality of life for all people of Newaygo County and surrounding communities

Guiding principles

  • We build goodwill
  • We earn trust
  • We strengthen relationships

Our Vision and Values

Our goals and strategies

To move forward in our mission, we seek to:

Optimize operational enhancements

  • Strengthen the impact of our grantmaking through innovative practices and strategies
  • Build best practice governance and emeritus and trustee engagement
  • Strengthen relationships and trust with community partners and affiliates
  • Understand our communities
  • Practice excellent stewardship
  • Foster a culture that is adaptable to change

Promote the common good

  • Drive collaborations to solve challenges
  • Elevate civility and goodwill
  • Model inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility practices that are relevant for our community
  • Share stories of success and impact

Expand philanthropy

  • Grow our endowment
  • Nurture donor relationships
  • Empower youth leadership in philanthropy
  • Pursue opportunities for positive disruption
  • Engage in advocacy to attract government and private funding sources
  • Promote opportunities for community service and engagement

Strengthen capacity for people and communities

  • Invest in economic development and placemaking
  • Reduce poverty and expand family well-being
  • Impact educational attainment
  • Preserve and regenerate our ecosystem