It’s true what they say that people make the place, because our people make this one of our favorite places to be.

  • Lisa Bougher

    Payroll and Benefits Associate

  • Katie Boven

    Philanthropic Services Associate

  • Ronda Brandt

    Accounting Associate

  • Vonda Carr

    Regional Grants Officer

  • Robin Cowles

    Senior Scholarship and Technology Officer

  • Lauren Crawford

    Executive Assistant and Office Manager

  • Sarah Dixon

    Community Investment Officer

  • Ashley Folkema

    Senior Communications Officer

  • Kaitlyn Goguen


  • Maria Gonzalez

    Senior Director

  • Lindsay Hager

    Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer

  • Renee Hanshue


  • Shelly Henderson

    Regional Associate

  • Todd Jones

    Foundation Manager

  • Shelly Kasprzycki

    President and CEO

  • Wes Miller

    Director of Philanthropic Services

  • Greg Poches

    Community Investment Officer

  • Kathy Pope

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Lindsey Slater

    Finance Associate

  • Jenna Smalligan

    Community Investment Officer

  • Becky VanHaften


  • Patti Wheater

    Senior Communications Officer