When you give back, you help our community move forward.

The generous contributions of hundreds of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations through the years allow us to make deep investments in our community. These investments include grantmaking, convening, training and technical assistance opportunities, research, advocacy, impacting investing, and more. When connected, all of these efforts work together to create lasting change in our community and beyond.


Our Strategy

Our efforts as a community foundation are, and always will be, driven by compassion. These efforts are also grounded in strategy and forethought. Every decision we make is carefully considered to ensure it serves the best interests of our community.

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Initiatives such as community partner effectiveness, small business loans, housing partnerships, and impact investing are designed to provide opportunity for the people of Newaygo County.

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It all starts with a story. Stories of passionate donors, dedicated grantees, innovative leaders, and bold ideas. Explore some of the stories behind our work.

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