Supporting housing creation in Newaygo County

Like many areas of the country, Newaygo County is experiencing a housing shortage. In fact, the latest data indicates a need for 300-400 additional housing units.

In 2023, Newaygo County commissioners approved $1 million to help create the Newaygo County Housing Partnership Fund at the Community Foundation. Our Board of Trustees earmarked an additional $500,000. Grants from this fund will support local housing creation.

The first grants were awarded in 2023 to a trio of projects that will add an anticipated 13 housing units in the Hesperia and White Cloud areas. A second round of grants were awarded in early 2024 to projects expected to add more than 100 housing units in Fremont, Grant, Newaygo, and White Cloud.

A third round of housing grants will be open for applications on March 1, with proposals due on July 15.


For more information on the Housing Partnership Fund or the application process, please contact Maria E. Gonzalez or Lindsay Hager at 231.924.5350.