Honoring the legacy of a woman who helped shape the Community Foundation’s history.

The first person to lead what is now Fremont Area Community Foundation was a tenacious teacher named Bessie Slautterback. Intelligent and determined, Bessie led the Community Foundation for over two decades. She championed arts, education, health, and housing and worked tirelessly to build community support.

To honor the legacy of giving Bessie Slautterback left behind, the Community Foundation created the Slautterback Legacy Society. This special group of people have said “count me in!” by including the Community Foundation in their will or estate plan.

Join the Society

If you have included the Community Foundation in your estate plan and are not a recognized Slautterback Legacy Society member, please contact our philanthropic services staff.

Society members

Jud and Evie Afman

Dawn Anderson

Vivian G. Anderson

Donn Ashcroft

Fred and Barbara Billerbeck

Donald and Ann Bont

Dr. Tim and Linda Bont

Forrest “Woody” and Susan Bowman

Dorothy Brandt

Dale and Christy Brokaw

Kenneth and Pauline Bull

Vincent and Helen Bunker

Chad and Julie Burrell

Jack and Mary Butterick

David and Rhonda Byrne

David and Elizabeth “Libby” Cherin

Larry Chrystler

Jeff Clark and Dr. Lori Tubbergen Clark

Howard and Sue Dahlstrom

Carl and Bettie DeKuiper

Mike and Sylvia DeKuiper

Lou Deleguardia

Doran Ditlow

Charles T. Dodge

Robert and Bonnie Erber

Raymond Frankowski

Dr. Carl H. Frost

Pam Greinke

Lindsay and Vonda Hager

Maxwell and Arletta Hamilton

Cyndi Harper-Deiters

Diane Hazen

Ken and Jo Hoersten

Garry and Shirley Host

Phyllis Hostetler

Theron and Teresa Howe

Todd and Tami Jacobs

Melanie Jensen

Bill and Judy Johnson

Harry and Laura Johnson

Robert and Susanne Jordan

Garred and Shelly Kasprzycki

Debra Knooihuisen

Clarissa B. Kraus

Richard Krugler

Ben and Linda Landheer

Peter and Nancy Lindner

Ron Lovasz

Craig and Sharon Luchies

Laura Jean Masters

Evelyn D. McCormick

A.J. McKinley

Vicky McLean

Wayne and Sheryl Meyer

Alex and Carole Mintzer

Joe and Holly Moon

Lynn and Trudy Norlin

Bill and Karen Nottelmann

Bob Nyson

Catherine A. Obits

Joan M. Obits

John and Shirley Oles

Michelle J. Olson

Candee Parkhurst

Randy and Shari Paulsen

David and Mariel Poel

Christie Pollock

Randy Puff

John and Ailene Pugno

Mark Ramsey and Lola Harmon-Ramsey

Mary Rangel

Joan Richards

Joe and Amy Roberson

Carla A. Roberts

David and Lynne Robinson

Eric Rudert

Marian Rumsey

Marjorie Salata

Dr. Art Sanders

Terry and Robin Sharp

Richard Shaw

Beatrice Sibley

Dorothy Sibley

Peggie L. Stone

Stuart and Kay Stone

Stanley H. Stroven

John and Lorraine Suerth

Roger and Ada Sutton

Thomas TenBrink Jr. and Charlene TenBrink

Roger and Becky Tuuk

Margaret Vanderwall

Hank and Connie Vanderwier

Duane and Loretta Van Duzen

Gerald and Suzanne Van Wieren

Don and Marion Veenstra

Herman Veurink

Winifred Westenfelder

Milo White

Charles and Marilee Whitman

Josephine Wilbur

Dawn Williams

Collin Wisner

Jackie Wright

Eugene Yehle

Rob and Marva Zeldenrust

Gregory and Christy Zerlaut

LeRoy Zimmerman

Roger and Carol Zinnecker