Recently the Newaygo County Workforce Development Task Force commissioned a report from Talent 2025 to shine a light on the current state of our local workforce.

The task force was formed to address our county’s declining participation in the workforce as well as employee development and retention. Task force members include Fremont Area Community Foundation, Michigan Works! West Central, Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency, Newaygo County Economic Development Office in association with The Right Place, TrueNorth, and United Way of the Lakeshore-Newaygo County.

The Talent 2025 report was an important step in the task force’s early work to examine data on local employment and the workforce. The report revealed key findings about our economy, the local labor force, and community assets.

Based on this research, the task force is now developing an approach to engage the business community as a partner in implementing solutions to help people become successful in the workforce and to fulfill the talent needs of local employers.

“Our first role was the identification of our current status,” said Mark Guzniczak, business development coordinator with NCEDO and The Right Place. “And our second is to develop programming, connections, and relationships to work together to fill the gaps.”

Read the full Talent 2025 report here.