During the week of November 12-18, Fremont Area Community Foundation (FACF) will join more than 750 community foundations across the country in celebrating Community Foundation Week.

For over 20 years, this effort has recognized the work of community foundations and the role they play in addressing immediate community needs as well as supporting long-term solutions to persistent challenges like hunger, homelessness, unemployment, and college completion. Every state is home to at least one community foundation and while each is unique, all share a common goal of serving donors, nonprofit organizations, and the community as a whole.

“Community foundations impact lives, solve problems, and improve futures,” said Carla Roberts, Community Foundation president and CEO. “As many individuals and families in Newaygo County grapple with limited resources and a growing need for services, we are more determined than ever to bring community partners together to find innovative and effective solutions for community needs, both immediately and into the future.”

Fremont Area Community Foundation is one of 63 community foundations in Michigan and consistently ranks among the largest community foundations in the United States, with $229.5 million in total assets in 2014. The Community Foundation also hosts three geographic affiliates: Lake, Mecosta, and Osceola county community foundations.

Thanks to generations of passionate and generous donors, in 2014 FACF was able to present scholarships to more than 500 students and award more than $8 million in grants to support community and economic development, education, natural resources, nonprofit sustainability, and poverty to prosperity efforts.