Taking the next step

March 1, 2017

Randi Koogler

When Randi Koogler’s job was downsized, instead of focusing on the problem, she recognized a chance for a new start.

“It was the perfect opportunity to go back to school,” said Randi. “So often you think that it’s just not the right time, but this was it.”

Randi applied for and received an adult student scholarship from the Community Foundation, which helped her take the next step. Now she is completing her associate degree at Davenport University and plans to obtain a bachelor’s in finance. She has discovered a passion for training and development and is active in Business Professionals of America. In 2015, Randi was part of the first-place financial analyst team at their national conference.

“When you’re excited and passionate about
 what you’re doing at work it carries over to 
your home life,” said Randi, who has also seen her journey positively impact the way her family views education.

“No one else in my family has a degree,” she said. “This helps them see the value in education. I’ve seen the impact on my oldest daughter, and my second daughter is already talking about where she wants to go to college.”

“People are afraid to go for their dreams because it doesn’t seem practical,” Randi continued. “But if you have the passion, the rest will follow. Keep taking the next step.”