Building a lasting legacy

April 1, 2014

Maggie Bailey and Hesperia Community Library

Maggie Bailey loves her family, pets, flower gardens, and the Hesperia Community Library. Although she is in her 80s and no longer a regular physical presence at the library, she has made a donation every month for the last 10 years.

“My kids were out of school, I was alone, and I wanted to do something for my community,” explained Maggie. “If I had [the means], why not?”

Maggie loves the friendly staff and the pride that the library brings to the community. “I think it’s the most beautiful building in town,” she said with conviction. “A town needs something like this, and kids need a library to come to.”

Originally from the South, Maggie moved to Detroit and then to Hesperia in 1958. “When I was little we didn’t have too many books,” she remembered. “But I always enjoyed reading.” She first began visiting the library when her children were in school and began her regular financial support around the time funds were being raised for the new building.

Equally generous and humble, Maggie sees giving as a privilege and a responsibility. “You do what you can,” she said. “It doesn’t always take money; just do something.”