A gift that grows

April 11, 2014

Jason and Kristin Brookhouse

For Fremont natives Jason and Kristin Brookhouse, creating a donor advised fund at Fremont Area Community Foundation was a way to demonstrate gratitude.

Both remember the early years of their marriage—when money was tight—with fondness. Over the years, Jason built a career in the automotive field at Hansen’s Collision and was astounded by the support he received. “People in the community supported [the business] and brought me their repairs,” he said.

When the business sold many years later, Jason and Kristin saw an opportunity to repay some of the generosity their family had received from the community.

The Brookhouses set up a donor advised fund as a way to give directly while also allowing their gift to grow into the future. They hope the fund will be part of a legacy of thankfulness carried on by their three children.

“The Community Foundation gave us the opportunity to give and to let our gift grow,” said Kristin. “There are so many opportunities to get involved and so much need. [Our children] can continue it. They can be deliberate about supporting things that excite them.”