It's in your heart

May 6, 2024

Bill and Karen Nottelmann

One day on a drive, Bill and Karen Nottelmann saw a sign for Croton Dam and decided they should check it out. They had never heard of Croton before then, but they have now called it their full-time home for more than a decade. “We love the natural beauty and the low-key neighborhood,” said Bill.

“I love living rural,” added Karen. “We’re so impressed with this area and the quality of people here.”

The Nottelmanns wasted no time getting involved in their new community. Bill has served on the township board and as a reserve police officer in Newaygo. Karen is a founder of Hope 101, which provides housing and other services to those experiencing homelessness. “The staff and volunteers work so hard,” said Bill. “They have had some great success stories.”

Their involvement with Hope 101 also introduced them to the Community Foundation. They are now two of the newest members of Our Next 75.

Why is giving important to you?
Karen: Giving is what Jesus taught us to do and to be, to care for others. We think it’s biblical that you give, but to us it’s more than that too. It’s in your heart.

Why give through the Community Foundation?
Karen: I have been so impressed with the Community Foundation. It’s such a good way to give because someone manages it and does it so well. We trust them and we love what they do.