Faithfully serving

May 4, 2015

Alpha Family Center

Signs of faithful volunteers are everywhere at Alpha Family Center. Colorful baby clothes have been carefully sorted behind the scenes and are now neatly displayed in the lobby. There’s the friendly face at the reception desk and a mentor meeting with a client around the corner.

“Volunteers drive our organization,” said Debbie Lamos, Executive Director. “We operate very locally and look to the community for resources. People think we use volunteers to save money, but that’s not the case. We use volunteers because it’s all about the community helping the community.”

The dedication and warmth of the staff and volunteers at Alpha Family Center can be a lifeline for clients seeking a beginning level of healing from sexual abuse or trauma or who are overwhelmed by an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

Nicole Mollett’s volunteer mentor not only supported her throughout a difficult pregnancy but also continues to work with her on parenting classes.

Through a program supported in part by a grant from the Community Foundation, Nicole can earn “Alpha bucks” as she works with her mentor. She can spend them on items like the baby clothes sorted each Tuesday by volunteers.

“I thank God for Alpha every day,” Nicole said. “The people are genuine, and you know they’re here because they care.”

Experiences like Nicole’s are exactly why Rachel Bonga has been a mentor for 14 years.

“There is such a need in our community,” said Rachel. “I just want to show our clients that I care about them and that there is hope for their future.”