A lasting difference in our community

We exist to improve the quality of life in Newaygo County.

Fremont Area Community Foundation supports programs and organizations that help to strengthen our community. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

Our grantmaking is strategic while remaining responsive to the changing needs of this region. Through grants totaling millions of dollars each year, we intend to:

  • Build on prior investments
  • Respond to community needs and identify priorities
  • Focus resources and increase impact
  • Remain consistent with our mission, values, and capacities

Those seeking grants from the Community Foundation are encouraged to learn about our focus areas and initiatives. These areas have been identified as those that will make the greatest impact in Newaygo County for years to come.

We evaluate incoming grant applications for their alignment with the goals, priorities, and objectives of our focus areas:

The newly developed Newaygo County Area Dashboard is a tool which tracks indicators specific to Newaygo County. Indicators include items such as labor force participation rate, third grade reading level, and high school graduation rate. We recommend using these indicators when completing your evaluation.

Community Grants

We award general community grants in the spring and fall of each year. Applications are due March 1 and September 1.

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Specialized Grants

We also have a variety of specialized grant programs with deadlines throughout the year. These efforts are specific and targeted.

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