A refreshed plan

April 27, 2023

Strategic plan updated

Throughout 2022, the Community Foundation developed an updated strategic plan to guide our work. The process included analyzing extensive research and community feedback.

“The best part of our process was seeking out the opinions of community members, leaders, former trustees, grantees, staff, donors, and affiliates and supporting organizations,” said Shelly Kasprzycki, president and CEO. “Their input and inspiring work in the community are what propelled our planning.”

These diverse perspectives helped us identify what worked well and where we could improve. For example, we will continue our grantmaking focus on poverty, community and economic development, and education. However, we are also adding a stronger emphasis on natural resources and placemaking.

“We want to build a community that is comfortable and accessible, that has economic prosperity, and offers healthy social and cultural opportunities,” said Shelly. “All of these things make a community a great place to be.”

Other goal areas include streamlining grantmaking processes and finding innovative solutions to local challenges. Woven throughout is a focus on continuing to build trust and collaborations.

“Our framework centers on partnership, whether it be donor relationships, leveraging resources, or solving problems together,” said Shelly. “The Community Foundation belongs to the community, and that’s why we see our role as one of an essential partner. We are listening to our grantees and strengthening relationships with our community partners and donors so that we can better collaborate and serve the needs of our neighbors.”

As we put our new strategic plan into practice, you can expect to hear about new initiatives, opportunities to get involved, and more.

“I’m excited about being proactive in some of our initiatives, such as addressing affordable housing, as well as the critical role civility will play in our future direction,” said Shelly. “We must work together to move forward for the common good.”

For a look at our full strategic plan, visit facommunityfoundation.org/plan.