What is it like living in Newaygo County?
What opportunities and challenges face us as we forge a future together?
What resources can we tap into to move our community forward?

As part of our community needs assessment process this year, Fremont Area Community Foundation has been gathering data and feedback about what it’s like to live here, what challenges we face, and what can make our community’s future even brighter. During this process, community surveys were conducted in¬†Newaygo County. Data gathered during the needs assessment process and through the community surveys was then compiled into a comprehensive report. These insights are designed to inform our decisions, help us set bold goals, and harness all our resources to make life in our community even better. View the full report here:

We also conducted a community needs assessment in the three communities of our geographic affiliates: Lake, Mecosta, and Osceola counties. View those reports here:

Questions about any of these reports? Contact Maria Gonzalez at 231.924.5350.