Investing in our community.

Our Board of Trustees is made up of community members with diverse backgrounds, professions, and areas of expertise. This governing body is responsible for all grant allocations, overseeing asset development and stewardship, and guiding our general operations. Our trustees donate time, energy, skill, and personal resources to help us make lasting investments in our community for years to come.

Board Officers

  • Joseph Roberson


  • Dr. Lori Tubbergen Clark

    Vice Chair

  • Cathy Kissinger


  • Lola Harmon-Ramsey


  • Bill Alsover

    Trustee at Large


  • Micheal Anderson

  • Charles Chandler

  • Carolyn Hummel

  • Randy McDonald

  • Mary Rangel

  • Rolly Reed

  • Peggy Rossler

  • Mikhail Salacina

  • Donna Trice

  • Tom Williams