It takes a community to bring lasting change.

Our articles of incorporation define our Members by virtue of their positions within the community. There are representatives from the court and educational systems as well as the faith-based community, among others.  These members meet once a year to elect new trustees for the board.

Ray Arnett
Director, Fremont Area District Library

Todd Blake
President, Board of Directors of NCEDO (Newaygo County Economic Development Organization)

Bob Bowens
Supervisor, Lilley Township

John Buckley
Chairperson, Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Board of Directors

Carla Burmeister
President, Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce

Charles Chandler
Mayor, City of White Cloud

Rev. Ray Dekker
Pastor, First Congregational Church

Dr. Carol DeWeerd
Physician, Spectrum Health Medical Group

Honorable Graydon W. Dimkoff
Chief Judge of Probate, Newaygo County

Honorable H. Kevin Drake
Chief Judge of District Court, Newaygo County

Melissa Dykman
Attorney, Newaygo County Bar Association

Scott Faulkner
President, River Country Chamber of Commerce (Grant, Newaygo, and White Cloud)

Edward Fedell
Mayor, City of Newaygo

Patrick Gardner
Chairperson, Newaygo County Board of Commissioners

Ken Haggart
Superintendent, Fremont Public Schools

Julie Hallman
Mayor, City of Grant

Jack Hendon
CPA, H&S Companies

Peggy Mathis
Superintendent, Newaygo Public Schools

Lou Meeuwenberg
President, Newaygo County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Lou Nemastil
President, Village of Hesperia

Scott Rumsey
President, Hesperia Area Chamber of Commerce

James Rynberg
Mayor, City of Fremont

Barry Seabrook
Superintendent, White Cloud Public Schools

Rev. Ed Snook
Pastor, White Cloud United Methodist Church

Honorable Robert Springstead
Judge of Judicial Circuit Court, Newaygo County

Ellsworth Stay
Prosecuting Attorney, Newaygo County

Jonathan Whan
Superintendent, Grant Public Schools

Vaughn White
Superintendent, Hesperia Community Schools

David Wright
Supervisor, Big Prairie Township