Community Investment

Improving the quality of life

No matter how small, everyone wants to make a mark, leave a legacy, make a difference. It’s one of the unique things that makes us human.

One of our guiding principles, outlined in A Declaration, is that everyone wants to make a mark. All of these individual marks, when properly connected, work together to create lasting change in our community.

With this in mind, our Community Foundation connects the needs of our unique community with generous donors who want to make a difference. It’s all about improving the quality of life in Newaygo County. Within this broad purpose, we focus our grant support on:

These focus areas were born out of a strategic planning process undertaken by staff and the Board of Trustees in 2011. All areas guide our grantmaking and community investment priorities.

Focus Areas

Fremont Area Community Foundation has five focus areas to guide our work and make a lasting change in our community.

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Two of the Community Foundation’s focus areas have spawned full-fledged initiatives.

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