Supporting Organizations

We all work together to make our community better!

Fremont Area Community Foundation has two supporting organizations: the Amazing X Charitable Trust and the Fremont Area Elderly Needs Fund. Each organization is a separate legal entity with its own board of directors, tax-exempt status, and grantmaking process.

Amazing X Charitable Trust

The Amazing X Charitable Trust exists to benefit Newaygo County residents with disabilities. The fund was established in 1978 by members of the Gerber family.

Fremont Area Elderly Needs Fund

The purpose of the Elderly Needs Fund is to make grants to benefit and enrich aging for the elderly of Newaygo County. The fund was created in 1992.

*Please contact Kathy Pope with questions or requests pertaining to supporting organization investments and financials. IRS forms 990 and 1023 for each entity are available upon request. Additional financial information can be found at GuideStar.