After 17 years at Fremont Area Community Foundation, Bob Jordan, vice president of philanthropic services, announced that he plans to retire.

Jordan’s departure will take place over the next year. He plans to stay on until the end of 2016 to mentor emerging staff and participate in the Community Foundation’s strategic planning.

“Bob has served exceptionally well in this role,” said Carla Roberts, FACF President and CEO. “He advanced the work of the Community Foundation in substantial and lasting ways and built strong relationships along the way. Our donors know that he genuinely cares about their wishes. He’s humble and generous and inspires trust. It’s important for people considering their personal legacies to work with someone like Bob. We are so grateful for his service and leadership over the past 16 years.”

Jordan began his career at the Community Foundation in 1999 as a development officer. Prior to this, he served for six years on the Community Foundation board.

The transition from trustee to staff member was an exciting one for Jordan.

“I thought I had a good understanding of what the Community Foundation did when I was a board member,” he said. “But it was very different being on the other side of the table. It was so gratifying to build long-term relationships with our donors and talk about how we could work together to be effective and advance the community.”

Before joining the Community Foundation, Jordan spent 12 years as a trust officer at Huntington Bank (formerly FMB and Old State).

“After 12 years in banking, it was quite a shift to work in philanthropy,” said Jordan. “But I was able to build on existing relationships in the community. Suddenly it was less about money and more about people’s commitment to make our community better. I really enjoyed the human side of the work. You get to see the best of people.”

Over his 16+ years of service, Jordan helped shepherd growth of the Community Foundation’s endowment from $168 million to almost $230 million.

According to Rob Zeldenrust, former FACF board chair and current donor, Jordan’s strongest attribute was his ability to connect with people.

“Bob is an incredibly unique person,” said Zeldenrust. “He built an unprecedented level of true confidence and trust in the community. Donors to the Community Foundation—my wife and I included—felt comfortable as they made decisions about their gifts and legacies. They fully trusted that their treasures would be well-used and Bob would capture their true intent. That’s what makes Bob so good at what he does: he cares first. He understands that funds and gifts are an extension of real people.”

He continued, “I see Bob as a tremendous asset to our community. He’s an example. I look forward to seeing him contribute to the community in this new phase of life.”

Jordan doesn’t plan to slow down in retirement. He and his wife Susanne have big plans to travel to Italy next summer, take several bike trips, volunteer in the community, and spend more time with their children and grandchildren.